Carousell urges sellers not to overprice McDonald’s BTS meal packaging, will remove fake listings with exorbitant prices

The launch of the McDonald’s BTS meal yesterday (June 21) saw numerous listings of the used purple food packaging popping up on Carousell.

The prices for most of the listings hovered around S$50 for the drink and nugget packaging. Many listings also included unopened tubs of the meal’s limited edition cajun and sweet chili sauces.

However, some listings were priced higher, above S$100, with a few even reaching as high as S$150.

For reference, the original McDonald’s BTS meal costs S$8.90.

Several listings, which might have been joke listings, were also selling the packaging for thousands of dollars.

Discouraging scalping and profiteering

On June 22, Carousell issued a statement emphasising their stance on keeping the online marketplace a safe and open one.

Carousell said that it preempted the flood of BTS meal listings on their platform with an Instagram post last month, asking for BTS fans to “pls don’t sell so ex”.

Another Instagram post was shared yesterday, urging users to be fair to “all fellow ARMYs”.

In line with Carousell’s listing rules, mispriced, or fake listings that are marked up at exorbitant prices are not allowed on the marketplace and have since been taken down.

A quick check on Carousell shows that there are still some listings that might have slipped through the gaps.

Carousell highlighted that although they “appreciate that many of these jokes reflect the humour of Singaporeans”, they do not encourage scalping or profiteering.

The statement read:

“We will continue to invest in both automated and manual moderation efforts, and reimagine the ways in which we communicate with our users, to ensure that Carousell is a conducive space for all our users to sell and buy.”

Top photo from Carousell