Bishan durian stall owner gives away Mao Shan Wang for free to disperse crowd eyeing S$5/kg promo

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Long queues were spotted outside a Bishan durian stall on June 21.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, snaking queues formed after the owner of Wang Sheng Li 95, located at Block 513 Bishan Street 13, announced the day before about a S$5 per kg promotion for the king of all durians, Mao Shan Wang (also known as Musang King).

The promotion was limited to two orders per pax, and on a first-come first-served basis.

Gave away S$5/kg Mao Shan Wang to disperse crowds

The owner of Wang Sheng Li 95, surnamed Chen, told Wanbao reporters that members of the public had begun queuing up from the early afternoon, even before the stall opened.

Undeterred by passing showers during the day, some even sought shelter from the stall’s tentage to queue.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, all Mao Shan Wang durians on promotion were subsequently given away for free by 5pm.

Chen explained that he’d decided to give away all 50kg of his Musang King durians to prevent an even bigger crowd from forming.

He added, “We’d originally intended to hype the durian season with the promotion, but abiding by safe management measures is more important, so we decided to quickly give away the durians to disperse the crowd”.

According to a video posted on its Facebook, stall employees can be heard reminding customers to maintain a 1m safe distancing, even as demand for the stall’s durians remained high.

Wanbao also reported that at 5:30pm, a queue of about 20-odd customers were still seen outside the stall.

A few police officers were seen approaching the customers to remind them to keep to safe management measures, and prevent crowds from congregating.

Top image via Google Maps and Wang Sheng Li 95 Facebook