Private hire driver left with negative S$250 bank balance after DBS duplicate transaction glitch

In recent days, DBS and POSB customers have reported duplicates of transactions they made on credit and debit cards.

And while the bank has promised refunds to rectify the error, the situation has left one bank customer with quite a scary looking bank balance.

According to Lianhe Zaobao, a 50-year-old private hire driver found that his bank balance had dropped to negative S$250 from slightly over S$1,000.

The man, named Huang Zhi Jian (translated from Chinese), made the discovery while logging into his account to make his regular monthly donation of S$100 to charity organisation SPD (formerly Society for the Physically Disabled).

Huang noticed on Friday morning (June 18) that he had been charged twice for several transactions that he had made previously.

He then immediately tried calling the bank, but could not get through the line.

As the problem had not occurred with his main bank account, Huang said he was not that worried, but he added that others who need the cash urgently might feel otherwise.

In an update on June 18, DBS said all duplicate card transactions have been successfully refunded.

It further reassured customers that its systems are “safe, secure and uncompromised”.

Top image via DBS