Long queues & 2-hour wait to collect food at House of Seafood in Punggol on Father’s Day

Some customers who made orders at House of Seafood, a seafood restaurant at Punggol Settlement, did not have an easy time collecting their food on Father’s Day.

A customer, who only wishes to be known as Tan, shared her experience pre-ordering and collecting food from the seafood restaurant on June 20.

Tan told Mothership that the restaurant had called her on June 19 to confirm that her order was due to be collected on June 20 at 5pm.

On June 20, Tan arrived at the restaurant at 5pm to collect her order.

However, after she approached the kitchen to ask about her order, she realised that the restaurant did not have her receipt.

She finally received her order at 7pm after waiting for two hours.


In her Facebook post, Tan said that the collection of food was “very disorganised”.

She also shared photos depicting several customers presumably waiting around for their orders.

Photo via Tan

Photo via Tan

Tan told Mothership that she did not expect a crowd as she assumed that she could collect her order and leave.

A video taken by Tan also shows a safe distancing ambassador at the store busy with managing the orders.

Gif via Tan

Mothership has reached out to House of Seafood and will update the article once we receive a reply.

Over the weekend, the seafood restaurant was also slammed by netizens for its recent publicity gimmick:

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Top photo via Tan