Man Misses Bus Stop & Refuses To Alight, Wants To Call 999 For Help

Man Misses Bus Stop & Asks Captain To Turn Bus Around

Many of us have experienced missing our bus stops while on a long bus ride. Most of the time, we sigh and chide ourselves for it, and proceed to get off at the next stop.

We may even have to rely on Google Maps to navigate the unexpected detour.

However, on Saturday (19 Jun), a netizen shared on TikTok that a man who missed his stop refused to alight the bus.

Instead, he asked the bus captain to make a U-turn. When the bus captain explained his difficulties in acquiescing to the request, the passenger wanted to call 999 for help.


Angry PRC decides that since he missed his stop, we all join him in hell.

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Many passengers advised him to alight and file a complaint instead but to no avail. The entire saga was filmed and uploaded to TikTok in 3 parts.

We summarise the incident below.

Man misses stop & refuses to alight

On Saturday (19 Jun), a TikTok video records the incident of a man refusing to alight a bus after missing his stop.

In the first video, the man confronts the bus captain in Chinese. Upon realising that the bus captain can’t understand him, he turns to the passenger filming the video for help.


The passenger tries to reason with him, saying that there is nothing he can do now and if he wants to lodge a complaint, he should alight the bus and do so.

At this point, the bus captain acknowledges that he missed a stop earlier, while another passenger points out that the man did not alight.

Even so, the man asks to be sent back to the previous stop.

The captain calmly explains that he cannot turn the bus around, but the passenger could be heard saying, “you’re stupid”, as he points at the captain.


Following that, the man says he wants to dial 999 for help.

Bus captain calls for help

The bus captain tries to clarify the situation, saying the man did not press the bell for the stop.

But as the man still refuses to alight, other passengers try to convince the bus captain to call for help.


PART 2 Multiracial effort as we come together to face adversity #fyp #singapore

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In the meantime, the man insists that it is the bus captain’s fault, and refuses to budge despite passengers urging him to.


He also mentions that this is his first time taking a bus.

The bus captain then asks the man to speak to SBS Transit staff, whom he had contacted. We could hear the staff explaining in the video that the bus cannot turn around.

However, the man continues to refute them.

Man refuses passenger’s help

When the man seems to have accepted that the bus is unable to turn around for him, we hear the man demanding monetary compensation from the SBS Transit staff.


PART 3 (FINALE) Malaysian good samaritan offers to send elderly (crippled unable to walk but can stand) man home. #fyp #singapore

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By this time, many passengers are audibly frustrated.

A passenger, who is said to be Malaysian, then offers to walk the man to his bus stop, saying it’s nearby.


But the man responds by saying that the journey on foot was too far for an elderly person like him.

Passenger filming incident hopes bus captain wouldn’t get into trouble

Following that, the passenger filming the video informs viewers that another bus has pulled up and other people can eventually alight.


Reflecting on the situation, the passenger filming the video explains that he did it because he doesn’t want the bus captain to get into trouble.

At the end of the day, he says it shouldn’t matter whose fault it is because mistakes do happen now and then.

However, he feels that there’s no need for someone to become a nuisance by making a scene and asking the captain to stop the bus.

We’ve reached out to SBS Transit for comment and will update the article once they get back.

Hope man eventually finds his way back

Bus captains certainly have a tough job when it comes to ferrying passengers to reach their destinations safely.

Although it remains unclear how the man had missed his stop, we’re glad that the bus captain and passengers remained civil in their interactions throughout.

Despite the mildly painful situation on the bus, we do hope that the man could find his way to his destination eventually.

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