Grab CEO Anthony Tan goes undercover as GrabFood rider, made 4 deliveries within 2 hours

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Grab co-founder and CEO Anthony Tan went undercover as a delivery rider on Saturday, June 19.

Taking to LinkedIn to share his experience, Tan wrote that he tries to do GrabFood delivery every few months. His previous stint as a GrabFood delivery personnel was done on foot, and so he decided to try doing so on a bike this time round.

Screeshot via Anthony Tan/LinkedIn

Making the deliveries together with with an experienced delivery rider surnamed Lim, Tan let on that he got off to a not-so-good start: He forgot to detach the baby seat from his bicycle to make space for his GrabFood bag.

This resulted in him having to carry the bag on his back throughout his journey.

Image via Anthony Tan/LinkedIn

When it came to picking up orders, however, he said the process was smooth as he found the merchants quickly, and that every order was packed correctly.

Tan added that he only had to wait for an average of slightly over three minutes for each order despite the busy lunch hour.

Image via Anthony Tan/LinkedIn

While getting around, Tan encountered slight difficulties as he didn’t know where to park his bike. It rained while he was making his rounds too.

Image via Anthony Tan/LinkedIn

Finally, Tan shared that he made a total of four deliveries in one and a half to two hours. According to Lim, this was slightly under the average of five deliveries that experienced riders can make in the same time.

Tan then said he has “lots to learn”, and thanked Lim for guiding him. Tan also praised Lim for his work ethic:

“He’s a father to a 14-year-old, and he turns up every day, completing 20-30 orders, to support his family…Like Mr Lim, millions of our partners do their best daily for their loved ones.”

Tan ended his post by wishing all fathers a Happy Father’s Day.

Top image via Anthony Tan/LinkedIn