Seafood Restaurant Takes Crabs For Stroll In Punggol Park As It Helps Them Get Meaty

House Of Seafood Walks Their Crabs & Kids Get In On The Act

In the last few weeks, you may have seen more people walking their dogs in Singapore, possibly to take a break from staying at home.

Just like Singaporeans love their pets by taking them for a walk, a seafood restaurant says they love their crabs as well.

Thus, their boss was seen taking them for a stroll in Punggol Park.

Photo courtesy of House Of Seafood.

They do this to ensure their crabs are “really meaty” for their patrons, they said.

Walking crabs like dogs

In photos shared with MS News and also on social media, House Of Seafood chief executive officer (CEO) Francis Ng can be seen walking a crab on a leash.


It’s just like how you would do it with a dog – in fact, he walked his crabs alongside dog-walkers, who must have been quite amused.


More people get in on the act

Soon, children and some adults got in on the act also, as Mr Ng had more crabs.


They must have had fun taking part in the unusual activity.

Photo courtesy of House Of Seafood.

It’s so crabs can get enough exercise

Mr Ng was spotting walking his crabs at Punggol Waterway Park, which fronts Punggol Beach.

It’s also a stone’s throw away from his restaurant at The Punggol Settlement, which must be quieter now due to the current restrictions on dining in.


What better way to keep his crabs fat and juicy by walking them in the park during this lull period?

The restaurant says they do it so the crabs can get enough exercise, and become “really meaty”.


However, it’s also a good marketing stunt to keep the restaurant in the minds of patrons.

Crabs loved all the way to the dinner table

House of Seafood says they love their crabs in “the same way” that people love their pets.

There’s 1 very big difference though – we don’t think most people walk their pets so that they can devour them later.

For Mr Ng’s crabs, however much they’re loved, their destiny is to end up on the dinner table.


Claw machine with live crabs prompted backlash

House of Seafood is no stranger to controversial marketing.

In 2019, they received flak for setting up a claw machine at their Punggol Settlement outlet filled with live crabs.


They were tied up and waiting to be fished from the plastic enclosure, in a practice decried as cruel.

Mr Ng later apologised, saying the machine was meant to educate children and the crabs would be released. They also removed the machine.

House Of Seafood CEO Bows & Apologises For Crab Claw Machine, Boxed Delicacies Now Used Instead

Will the crabs taste better?

Hopefully, the restaurant’s latest effort will be better received by the public.

We’re not sure what animal welfare activists will say, but parkgoers seemed tickled by the sight.

Perhaps when dine in resumes on 21 Jun, some might be inspired to try out their crabs to see if the exercise did them any good?

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Featured images courtesy of House Of Seafood.

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