Yarmolenko does reverse-Ronaldo, places Coke & Heineken on table & jokingly asks companies to contact him

A funny underlying thread throughout the Euros have been what happens at the press cons before, and after matches.

Portugal legend Cristiano Ronaldo started it all when he removed the Coca Cola bottles out of the camera frame, and instead placed a bottle of water on the table.

He also raised that bottle, and said water in Portuguese:

In response, Coca-Cola said that “everyone is entitled to their drink preferences”.

That has sparked an interesting trend.

Next, it was French superstar Paul Pogba. The midfielder, who is a practising Muslim, removed the two bottles of Heineken from the table.

Italian striker Manuel Locatelli also did a Ronaldo, and moved the Coca-Cola bottles in lieu of his own water bottle.

Manuel Locatelli is the latest player to replace a fizzy drink sponsor with water at #ITA‘s post match press conference following their win over #SUI pic.twitter.com/gAUVCs3OLy

— Sky Sports News (@SkySportsNews) June 17, 2021

Ukranian footballer, Andriy Yarmolenko, took a slightly different approach however.

At the post-match press conference, after their victory over North Macedonia, Yarmolenko cheekily placed both Heineken and Coca-Cola bottles in front of him, and while laughing, asked the brands to contact him.

“I’m taking Coca-Cola, I’m taking Heineken. Get in touch with me!” 😅@CocaCola, @Heineken, Andriy Yarmolenko wants to speak to you! 🤝#EURO2020 | #UKR pic.twitter.com/ma8hliC6Lg

— Goal (@goal) June 17, 2021

Other uses of the bottles came in a Russian coach’s avant-garde decision to drink it instead.

Insider cited RT journalist Liam Tyler, who described the conference.

“According to the RT journalist Liam Tyler, Russia defender Georgi Dzhikiya, who was sitting next to Cherchesov, said to his boss: ‘Didn’t you see what Cristiano did? He got rid of it.'”

The coach apparently shrugged his shoulders and continued drinking, which made Dzhikiya laugh.

Scotland player John McGinn also poked fun at the situation.

“Any Coke?”

John McGinn poked fun at Cristiano Ronaldo at his press-conference this morning 😅 pic.twitter.com/aQmaAf7xXI

— Soccer AM (@SoccerAM) June 17, 2021

Image from Goal.com Twitter and Telegraph YouTube