SMS ‘health alerts’ to be sent to individuals who visited hotspots on the same day as Covid-19 cases

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Health alerts will be sent via SMS to individuals who have visited hotspots on the same days as Covid-19 cases during their infectious period.

This was announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) on June 18 during the press conference.

Strengthening Ringfencing Around Cases

Due to the increased transmissibility of viral strains, the government will make use of TraceTogether and SafeEntry data to strengthen their ringfencing around cases to prevent large clusters from arising.

According to a press release by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on June 18, the SMS alert will be sent to individuals who have visited hotspots on the same days as the infected persons and may have been exposed to the virus.

Those who receive the SMSes will be required to undergo mandatory testing at designated testing centres and stay isolated until they receive their results.

Need to self-test, limit interactions

They will also be given DIY test kits, which they will need to self-administer at home over the subsequent days to confirm that they are not infected.

Even if they were to test negative, they should continue to limit their interactions with others as an added precaution and restrict their activities to only essential activities.

Those who are unable to work from home will be allowed to go to work but must comply strictly with all the safe management measures at the workplace.

Further details will be announced when ready, MOH said.

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