Singapore General Hospital joins in on MBS in Tennessee fun, posts picture of ‘Big Ben’

Singapore General Hospital kindly did their part in promoting landmarks in England with this picture of Big Ben on Facebook.

Image from SGH

The clock tower has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1987.

It was renamed Elizabeth Tower in 2012 in honour of Queen Elizabeth.

This photograph of an English landmark was taken by NDP 2020 Publication Committee Photographer Leon Ong.

It bears a striking similarity to Singapore General Hospital’s Bowyer Block.

Image from Google Maps/ Howard S

Here are some other worldwide attractions.

All photos via Aye Shaun Facebook

Looking forward to travelling again.

Why name a place in Singapore wrongly in the first place?

SGH’s post was of course a fun little nod to the recent Facebook post mislabelling Marina Bay Sands as being in Tennessee.

Interestingly, this wasn’t the first time someone on the internet has purposely named a place in Singapore as something else completely just to get a reaction out of others.

In 2016, Americans were randomly naming The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands with any mall name from their city or town mostly just because MBS looked really pretty.

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Image by NDP 2020 Publication Committee Photographer Leon Ong