New in town: Salt, Raffles Place — Promise of culinary finesse in the CBD

By now, it’s no secret that ebbs and flows make for the demographic of the F&B industry. But we do see emerging establishments that forge against the waves in this trying time, one of them being Salt, a debonair casual dining concept nestled in the hodgepodge of comestibles that is Circular Road.

Salt by S Collective is founded by Miss Shermaine Khoo, a passionate and creative content creator who is no stranger to the mounting F&B scene in Singapore, with her discerning food reviews and recommendations. This venture of hers launched its soft opening on 11 June 2021, serving curated numbers on their delivery and takeaway exclusive menu. They officially open their doors on 21 June 2021 for dining-in, giving patrons the full Salt experience.

This casual dining concept offers hearty and unique fare with a snazzy touch that you can’t miss, from its exclusive menu alone.

A toastie, anyone? Salt’s Cheese Steak Sandwich (S$16) puts an extravagant spin to an all-time comforting dish, with protein and carbs that just can’t go wrong. Slices of pure South striploin lay on a generous bed of arugula, slathered with mornay sauce with caramelised onions—forming a flavour party in the heart of the toasted sandwich.

Next up, a peek into their Salt’s All Day Menu entails amazement by their dish of Spanish Pork Belly (S$20), the conspicuous star-of-the-show. Handsome cuts of Spanish pork belly lies atop all other hidden goodness, promising both crunch and savouriness. Celeriac, apple remoulade, and salsa verde are herby accompaniments that lend a bright aroma and tartness to this umami-loaded dish, while puffed barley grains offer some textural variance that you’ll enjoy. At Salt, it’s an obvious case of balance, in all flavours and textures.

Salt also offers a taste of the sea in the form of a crustacean delight, the Norwegian Mackerel (S$19). Seasoned with white soy, paired with the carb choice of Yukon potato with smatterings of fennel and tomberry, it’s a riveting pairing that whets the appetite.

Salt uses ingredient combinations in delectables that one wouldn’t normally expect, promising culinary finesse and precision in flavour. Their exciting numbers in the takeaway and delivery menu are just the tip of the gastronomic iceberg, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store, once dining-in resumes.

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