Minion-inspired desserts & family fun with this 2am: dessertbar x Universal high tea set

To quote Agnes straight out of the Despicable Me movie, “it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!”—and I’m not just referring to Papoy the unicorn (yes, she has a name). I’m talking minion-themed baos and macarons, edible crayons, and saccharine soda vanilla pops. Teaming up with Illumination and Universal Brand Development, 2am: dessertbar by Janice Wong presents an afternoon of Minions High Tea (S$55 per adult, S$40 per child under 12) in their third and most elaborate collaboration yet.

Credit – 2am: dessertbar

The Minions High Tea set launches on 22 June 2021 and will run for six weeks every Tuesday to Sunday from 3pm to 6pm at 2am: dessertbar. The selection is fun for the whole family, featuring adorable canapés inspired by the blue overalls-donning little creatures that are the darling minions.

From the set, you’ll find the likes of Vanilla Custard Mochi, Banana White Bean Snow Skin Mooncakes, Gru’s Bao, Banana Passionfruit Cake, Orange Blossom Macaroons, Kevin’s Popcorn Caramel Bon Bon, and also, Stuart’s Lemon Tart.

Credit – 2am: dessertbar

But my favourite of the lot is probably the Passionfruit and Peppermint Chocolate Paint and Crayons that not only allow your little ones to express their inner Van Goghs (or maybe not), but are also equally tasty at that. Yep, you can now make your art and eat it too. Edible paint and crayons are no stranger to the Janice Wong collection, however, having long been stocked in stores in the form of this ingenious Chocolate Crayons Box of 40 (S$108).

And finally to pair, there’s the frothy, blue-tinged Soda Vanilla Pop that’s bound to leave everyone silly-burping in satisfaction.

Credit – 2am: dessertbar

Not only are the desserts on-theme, there’s also plenty to snap away at with the Despicable Me decor that awaits. Expect action figure plushies and life sized inflatables, but most of all, keep your eyes peeled for take-home prize packs with Minions collectibles to be won.

“We saw how much joy the previous Minions collaborations brought to customers of all ages, and couldn’t think of a better way or time to bring a bit of Minions magic back into their lives,” shares chef Janice.

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