DBS/POSB customers find duplicate charges, DBS apologises & promises refunds

DBS customers experienced a problem on June 18, after several people reported duplicates of transactions they made on credit and debit cards.

Some users who attempted to log into the online DBS and POSB apps were met with delays, as it claimed a high volume of traffic.

Photo from a Mothership contributor.

Those that did manage to get through, however, noted an announcement warning them of the situation, for both apps:

Photo from a Mothership contributor.

Photo from a Mothership contributor.

Here are some examples of duplicated charges:

Pic from a Mothership contributor.

DBS tweeted an apology and said they were aware of the issue, however they did not explain how the problem occurred.

It also promised refunds for duplicated transactions, although it was not specified if affected users needed to make a report, or if the transactions would be refunded automatically.

Dear customers, we are aware of duplicate transactions on selected debit and credit cards. We are identifying and fixing the issue. Please be assured that any duplicated transactions will be refunded. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and seek your understanding.

— DBS Bank (@dbsbank) June 18, 2021

Top image from DBS and a Mothership contributor.