Cyclist Captures Misty Sunrise At Sembawang Park Connector, Netizens Amazed By Paddlepop Skies

Misty Sunrise At Sembawang Park Connector Seen At Around 6.40AM On 17 Jun

Jaw-dropping views are often associated with tall skyscrapers from which we can have a panoramic view of the city. But if you know where to look, you can also capture rare gems from down below.

A recent example is this misty sunrise taken at Ulu Sembawang Park Connector by photographer Chee Siong Lim. On Thursday (17 Jun), he was cycling in the area when he witnessed the breathtaking view that looked straight out of a painting.


Not surprisingly, many were blown away by the paddlepop skies.

Misty sunrise with paddlepop skies

According to Mr Lim, the striking blend of orange and bluish clouds was photographed at around 6.40am along the Sembawang Park Connector.

Mr Lim apparently discovered the gorgeous sight while cycling at dawn, reminding us of the perks of getting up early.


Later on, it seems he stopped cycling to take in the view. From another vantage point, he found a cluster of clouds with a blazing orange shade that mimicked the appearance of a fiery fireball.


We’ve seen majestic skies in Makoto Shinkai’s films but we’re proud to know that we can also spot them in our very own city.

Starting the day right

Cyclists are often treated to spectacular views during their rides and Mr Lim’s photo album is a reminder of why the sport is gaining popularity of late.


Misty sunrises might seem rare in our highly urbanised city. However, those who make the effort to wake up early can still witness these breathtaking sights.


Beauty in simple moments

As we await the day when our lives can return to normal, this misty sunrise is a reminder that we can find beauty in spite of difficult times.

Travel-starved locals might not be able to take a plane just yet, but at least we can find grandiose skylines close to home. Here’s to hoping we’ll get to see more iridescent skies in the foreseeable future.

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Featured image adapted from photographer Chee Siong Lim

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