Lazada Shopee Affiliate Marketing Scam Part 2

OH MY…… They restarted their campaign.
Received whatsapp 6 June

May campaign was SMS –> whatsapp –> whatsapp group –> whatsapp

June campaign was whatsapp –> whatsapp –> whatsapp group –> whatsapp

They lose money over sms ? That why switch to whatsapp ?

Their psychology trick is correct though. almost every action is initiated by the victim.

I really want to know how much they spend and how much they earn. want to crunch the data and give a analysis on it.
They have 20+ extra people in chat group.. I wonder how big is this group.

Based on 5th June 2021 News

Between May 3 and May 12, more than 60 reports were made by victims who were allegedly cheated after responding to job advertisements posted on e-commerce platforms. They lost about $236,000.

Assuming only 30% make police report. Their revenue is 786k for 1 week. no wonder they continue
marketing cost to reach out to 2 million singaporeans via sms = 2mil * 0.039 = 78k

operations cost to engage 20 calefare (assuming they are janitors pay) = 20 * 250 per week = 5k
misc cost like office, equipment, staff benefits = Estimate 50k

Profit = 786k – 78k – 5k – 50k = 653k per week

Assume half of the mule account did not make it out
we have SGD 326k per week

OMG…… no wonder they continue
i be watching them with great interest in July.

I am disappointed that they target Singapore. Although it is well known that we have the biggest group of idiots living here.
Thanks to our ancestors hard work, the next generation is living too well and too comfortable. make them easy prey for almost anything.

I want to make it my mission to educate everyone living in Singapore. want to join me ?

A sexy lady named toby will whatsapp you first


and so i did.
Message the SG contact

ok same thingy. join the whatsapp group
this time, i will just let the images do the talking. i painfully capture all the images and chat.

note all the bank accounts here. Do note that all these bank accounts can be easily Photoshop
To be honest, this team is a little sloppy compared to the May Team
maybe they got lazy.

Jolene Ho
From DBS 592-45676-1
To DBS 405-07711-6

Pee Wei Hao (Erm ok..Mr Pee.. LOL)
From POSB 115-62995-6
To UOB 335-394-014-5

Michelle Tang
From POSB 115-62995-6
To POSB 355-92252-9

Muhammad Ali Putra
To UOB 455-395-942-4

Jacob131 (Jacob Moolayil)
From DBS 592-45676-1
To DBS 120-79459-32

Jacob131 (Jacob Moolayil)
To DBS 1207945932

Sri Wahyunis
To DBS 0198094477

To POSB 039899779

From DBS 592-45676-1
To DBS 056-34102-1

To 0250200560

Muhammad Ali Putra
From DBS 592-45676-1
To UOB 455-395-942-4

Alrighty, moving on. message the customer service.
It is exactly the same thing as part 1. super boring
Just take note of this mule account

Nama: Priya
Bank Account No ; 3793378309

PART 2 Numbers

Anyway here is all the numbers in the groups. please let me know if you are the unlucky one who inherited these numbers next year. i will censor them.
For now. it is free for all.

+60 11-6410 3752 unknown
+60 11-6401 4253 unknown
+60 11-2731 4304 Muhammad Ali Putra
+60 11-2540 1049 unknown
+60 11-1799 8382 Wei Hao
+65 8203 1830 Group admin Instructor
+65 8167 1561 Group admin Mr James
+60 14-240 3680 Group admin unknown
+65 8203 2241 unknown
+65 8203 2036 unknown
+65 8203 1781 unknown
+65 8166 7443 Jolene ho
+65 8166 7407 unknown
+65 8166 7379 unknown
+65 8166 7377 unknown
+65 8166 7351 unknown
+65 8166 7336 unknown
+65 8166 7334 unknown
+60 11-6426 6107 unknown
+60 11-6425 4128 unknown
+65 9299 6614 Joanne

Parting Thoughts :
There is so many leads to work on.
Got phone number
Got Bank Account
I wonder why they cant be arrested ?
Can someone please enlightened me ?

Latest updates :
5th June

Separately, two men, aged 45 and 63, have been arrested for suspected involvement in a series of cheating cases as well as conspiring to illegally obtain personal information.

Between May 3 and May 12, more than 60 reports were made by victims who were allegedly cheated after responding to job advertisements posted on e-commerce platforms. They lost about $236,000.

In the advertisements, victims were told that they would first have to shop online using their own money. They were promised that payment for the items, along with a commission, would be deposited subsequently into their bank accounts.

After one or two successful attempts, they were told to make larger purchases but were not compensated.

Police investigations found that the 63-year-old, a mobile phone retailer, used customers’ information to sign up for mobile lines without their knowledge, and sold prepaid cards to others, including the 45-year-old.

The latter purportedly supplied the cards to overseas clients who were believed to be scammers. He was charged in court on Saturday (June 5).

Ok i was wrong. The police manage to do something. I wonder if some of the money can be recovered