Elderly man, 68, left in pool of blood in Jurong after getting hit by cyclist allegedly using phone

An elderly man was hit by a bicycle in Jurong, as the cyclist, a woman, was allegedly using her mobile phone at the time when the accident occurred.

A post was put up on Facebook by the victim’s child urging cyclists to be more careful as there are more hobbyists and food delivery personnel riding on the roads these days.

The incident took place on June 16 at around 9:30pm along Yuan Ching Road in Jurong.

Walking on pavement

According to the post, the elderly man was walking on the pedestrian pavement when he was hit from behind.

The location, not revealed in the post, appeared to be at the T-junction of Yuan Ching Road and Chinese Garden Road.

The elderly man was holding two bags of chili sauce and was heading to his stall at that time.

Although the post did not mention if the cyclist stopped to render assistance after the accident, a bicycle could be seen lying on its side in the photo posted.

Bicycle did not have lights fitted

The post claimed that the cyclist was a woman who was using her phone at that time, and her bicycle was not fitted with lights.

These observations were told to the elderly man’s child by an eyewitness at the scene.

After the elderly man was struck from behind, he blacked out for a few seconds.

And when he came to again, there was s puddle of blood on the ground.

It is believed that he sustained head injuries from the fall.

The post also urged cyclists to make use of proper lights and to slow down on footpaths, as the elderly need more time to react to fast-moving objects.

The post wrote: “There’s a saying in Chinese that the road is like the mouth of a tiger but with so many riders on the pavement nowadays, a pedestrian walkway can be a mouth of a tiger too.”