Taiwan Man Carries Grandpa Down The Stairs, Accompanies Him To Vaccination Centre

Taiwan Man Carries Grandpa Down The Stairs To Vaccination Centre

In the early months of the pandemic, Taiwan was seen as a haven with extremely few cases. But the situation has deteriorated in recent months, as the island-state struggles to contain its latest wave of local infections.


Recently, Taiwan has sped up its vaccination process, allowing those above 85 living in the worst-hit area of Taipei City to get inoculated.

As seniors head for their jabs, a touching Facebook post on Tuesday (15 Jun) tugged on our heartstrings.

Determined to have his grandfather get his jab, a young lad carried the elderly man down a flight of stairs.


Taiwan man carries grandpa down a hill to vaccination centre

On Tuesday (15 Jun), Zhongshan district resident Zhang Zheyuan shared a touching picture of his neighbour carrying his grandfather down a hill.


This was so the senior – presumably with mobility issues – could get his Covid-19 vaccine shot at the foot of the hill.

The man reportedly carried his grandfather for over 300m in what Zhang described as the “most beautiful sight in the world.”

Taiwan sees surge in local Covid-19 cases

Since mid-May, Taiwan has seen a surge in local cases. As of 16 Jun, their national tally stands at 13,241 cases and 460 deaths.

More worryingly, Taiwan’s death rate of 2.78% is higher than that of the 2.14% global average — a trend attributed to the sharp rise in cases in the past month, with many patients suffering from pre-existing chronic diseases.

Earlier this week, Taiwan started vaccinating its population in batches, prioritising seniors above 85 in Taipei City.


Simple way to show how we care

Kudos to the young man for carrying his elderly grandfather to the vaccination centre.

Indeed, there are many ways to show love and concern. But during this pandemic, wholesome displays could be as simple as accompanying those we love to get their jabs.

With the Covid-19 vaccination programme underway, we hope Taiwan can swiftly contain the latest wave of infections soon.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and ET Today.

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